She was born in one of the largest and most significant cities of the great Russia lying by the river Neva, St.Petersburg. Until the age of six, Karine lived in this important city.

In her childhood days she watched her surroundings and nature with unprecedented interest. She was intensely aware of the diversity and variety of colors. During the evenings, she watched from the window of her house "White Nights" which are a rare natural phenomenon. Karine's desire to draw, to express her feelings in papers and drawings with notes in verses awoke.

At 7, little talented Karine and her family moved to Czech Republic, where she developed her artistic talents in fine arts and a few years later by modeling and shaping of clay. The vast majority of her works were abstraction, portraits in combination of abstract expression. Sculptured figures and bodies decorated with original patterns. She finished her first painting, named Paradise, at the age of 15. In adulthood Karine traveled around the world, gaining inspiration and insights into different cultures, techniques, customs and traditions in art.

Karine is an artist of a new modern era. In her works, we can meet the intense, radiant concept of energy, love, passion and magically charged life.

Karine starting Artwork:

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The artist creates images that radiate and bring harmony, love, passion and happiness.
Karine Jeremjan
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